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I'm Lu !


I'm a Domestic Violence Surviving Widow. I know it is not a very appealing introduction but, keep reading, because I intend to follow up with a stigma abolishing testimony. 



No experience in Widowhood is the same, but in a way all Widow(er)s are kindred. I was a Twenty-four year old Widow and I wrote you a seven chapter book on what that Journey was like!


Writing a book was such a therapeutic experience. The book was born from journals, that I edited over and over again before I found they told my story in the best possible way. After releasing Not a Widow's Handbook. Journaling did not stop. 


Self Intimacy will take me on this trip, and at each step of the journey, I have to fight the impostor syndrome there.

I have to meet myself in each of these spaces with compassion. 

Eventually, as more and more people visited my Book and My Journals. I started engaging in conversations with persons with similar experiences as mine or working towards healing from a traumatic experience. Each time, the same theme resurfaced. "But this is taboo" - "But you know, we do not talk about that". But, what if we did? Exactly a year after sharing my testimony, I vowed to engage in more taboo conversations by creating a platform that welcomes these uncomfortable conversations. I wanted to create an environment that promotes Post Traumatic Growth and Self Intimacy.

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It is true, my experience is the experience of a Domestic Violence Surviving Widow.

In Post Traumatic Work, I have come to realize that there are many conversations that I may have missed out on. We can't talk about Domestic Violence without addressing the trauma that creates both the abused and the abuser. We can't talk about my experience through Widowhood without talking about Suicide and Mental Health. I could not talk about marriage and my expectations for marriage without talking about my relationship with love as early as I remember it.


There are many more taboo conversations that we all shy away from, but should we engage, we may all award ourselves and someone else one new step towards healing and self-discovery. 

I hope you join. 

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I have become an advocate for Post Traumatic Growth - My friend Beth McDonald has introduced me to this notion and it has changed my life for the better. It only made sense to build a Merch Shop around the Promotion of this notion. I wanted for some of the proceeds to be returned to an organization that offered such help. Post Traumatic Help. It only made sense to choose to donate to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. 

While, I am not an affiliate of the NDVH, I am a survivor of abuse who has used their services multiple times. I wanted my donations to go towards giving back in a way that sponsors someone else's first step towards the first day of the rest of their better lives. Header.png



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