Widowhood, from the perspective of a Domestic Violence Surviving Widow

  • Ludwine Johnson

In the Word

I love God so much.

There's no denying His presence in my life.

However, current events and something else that I'm not aware of, had distracted me from my ultimate wish.

To know God whole heartedly

I look for to taking the challenge below to teach me how to draw closer to him.

Goals for the next 21 days:

  1. Prayer: gratefulness & discernment

  2. Healing; aligned mind & body

  3. Release: letting go of negative disturbing words & images

  4. Discipline: with a number of projects in the works, I'll need the focus.

These are a few things I'm praying God for.

Here is your 21 Days in God's Word

Should you want to join.


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