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Widowhood, from the perspective of a Domestic Violence Surviving Widow

  • Writer's pictureLudwine Johnson

No Boots On The Carpet!

I am so thankful that you've walked in those boots.

All of us are.

Me and all the Americans.

We're in the midst of this Pandemic and I've actually had flashbacks of end of the World conversations we've had since it's started.

You believed in inclusion, you believed in diversity, you believed in freedom in all of its forms.

We were going to adopt children of all races and "prank" them so that when they were asked about being multiracial in school they'd answer: when your parents are two different colors, you come out any color in the crayon box.

I knew that each time you stepped in those boots, these ideologies fueled you.

They drove you to be the best Marine you knew.

You claimed to have issues with authority but your respected the crap out of those who'd paved the way for you.

Cpl Adam Lee Johnson, in spite of what life served us in the end, it was an honor to have picked up your uniform from dry cleaning, to have washed and folded your undershirts, to have driven you for lineup at 4am and to have fussed at you daily to get these boots off my damn carpet!

Our story will save lives and award someone freedom as you've enlisted to do.

Pea-Soup 😉


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