Widowhood, from the perspective of a Domestic Violence Surviving Widow

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Walking By Faith

I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!”
Galatians 2:21 NIV

One of my hardest times,

It's the time, my mind is too full to feel the connection.

I was listening to a Steven Furtick message in which he said something along the lines of

God doesn't care about your feelings. He knows your Faith

I realize that my everyday can be a sensory overload.

While every encounter and every experience will draw a new feeling and I'd be saturated with an emotional cocktail. Which I recognize gives me a need for prayer, a need for praise.

And there is that moment, when I timidly approach God. Full of feelings. However, I know He is the right move, He is the right call.

Walking by faith - through the feeling of the moment, convinced that God has already made the solution.

The challenge is trying not to ask him for more details. For more signs, for more answers.

One foot in the air, in limbo between the feeling of the moment and the action that will backup my faith.

Puppy eyed at my heavenly Father. Trembling lip and heart racing. Waiting for a hint on whether or not I'm about to set my foot down in the right direction.

God, is this the right way?

I'm waiting on a yes, a nudge. I don't hear him so i call in a friend. I consult all other living sources. I Google it, I ask myself over and over again.

I even almost set my foot back where it was before.

But Christ hasn't died for nothing.

Yesterday, the book of Galatians posed a question: "do you not know the one who's save you?"

So before I try to sety foot back to where it were before I almost took action.

I review the many times God showed up. The many times He offered me a yes, a hand, a hug, a home, a smile, a way forward.

So I put that foot down forward, with the conviction that in this new spot, I will get the opportunity to realign if needed.

In this new spot, there's an opportunity to get to know God even deeper, to trust him even more.

In this place I've never stood before. He will show up - He's already been here.

In all His Grace in the name of Jesus.


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